Benefits Langley Learning Center Mathematical

“The study in the Mathematical Learning Center allows students not only to develop their cognitive and mathematical knowledge skills, but thanks to the fundamentals of applied learning, students develop their soft skills that allow them to model their character and enhance their psycho- emotional.”

Happier children

    • An individualized program is prepared for the student.
    • Children get a quick sense of success.
    • They gain motivation and more confidence in themselves.
    • Improve your self-esteem.
    • Increase your desire to learn and upload your notes.
    • They feel good about themselves and their results.

Accelerates the learning process from 2 to 4 times

  • You work with the student according to their own way of learning.
  • Self-learning: they learn to learn, so they do not depend on others.
  • They acquire motivation to learn.
  • All that translates to get results in an accelerated way.

Methodology with proven success

  • Hundreds of testimonials from satisfied students and parents.
  • Successful alumni in college and university.
  • More than 90% of students earn their best PSU score in math.

We make maths easy for all children

  • By applying the math, students find it meaningful.
  • We work on emotions: mathematics is not just calculation, it also includes emotions. When children get excited, everything is easier.
  • Use of the educational experience Mastermatix: playful materials to learn while playing.

How does the Langley Learning Center work?

Free evaluation and diagnosis.

The evaluation is free and without the commitment of registration. It serves to identify your current knowledge, know the study position and find out what is the best way in which the student learns At the end of the evaluation a report is delivered to the parents.

Design of a personalized study plan.

The student enrolled is designed a study plan adapted to their own needs and potential. It does not matter if it is considered good or bad in mathematics, we will take care to exploit its full potential!.

Assistance to the Langley center twice a week.

After school, sometime between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, they attend for one hour each visit to work on their curriculum, always guided by teachers from the area who help in their self-learning process, correcting and giving feedback at the same time.

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