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“There is nothing closer to mathematical learning than the principles that underpin the Langley System. We understand that mathematics is not simply a learning of numerical calculus, but involves strong emotional learning and character development; and in this way our children will become what we know they can become. Mathematics is also learned in the heart”

Francisco Javier Orrego Muñoz
Langley Learning Center Director

Methodological Structure

The Langley learning system is based on 4 fundamental pillars: Capacity for self-learning, individuality in teaching, psycho-emotional relationship and study material specially developed to achieve academic and logical thinking ability.


develop the ability to acquire new knowledge or to consolidate other ancient knowledge through his or her own self-instruction process. In the Learning system the student learns this process throughout the study period.


The pace of work, the level of emotional control, the ability to assimilate content, the time available for study and other factors inherent to the person differ from child to child and from young to young, so the way of learning must be different for each one . The stimulations should be differentiated as well as the study program. That is why in the Learning System these inherent characteristics of each student are respected.


Emotions affect the lives of people, especially children and young people, and there is a close relationship between emotional control and intellectual development . In the Learning System positive emotions are reinforced, which translates into praise and confidence in the students.

Study material

It must allow the student to concretely apply the previous pillars. The study material developed by the Learning System makes the study something logical and sequential, developing the calculation capacity , learning concepts and developing problems, with teaching contents basic and average.

Langley is the best way to learn mathematics and we have solutions for parents as well as school directors and teachers

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